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2015 Data storage market review: continued disruption by flash, SDS, and cloud

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(Updated 3/23 – version 3)

Twinstrata, Maginatics, and Amplidata get acquired. Riverbed exits the storage business. DataGravity and Primary Data launch. HGST and Seagate continue to move into the systems business. Nutanix, SimpliVity, Cleversafe, and Scality form alliances with the global systems vendors like Dell, HP, and Cisco. Microsoft opens up their Office 365 ecosystem to other cloud storage providers like Dropbox. Qumulo and several stealth companies are continuing to raise millions of dollars and not telling us what they are doing. Box goes public (finally), the first cloud storage company to do so, and continues to trip up like Mr. Bean. Veritas, arguably the granddaddy of software-defined storage, returns as its own company. Storage unicorns run amok with SimpliVity just joining the club. And this year, we’ll finally get a look at Amazon Web Services financials instead of just clever guessing. Ho hum, just another few months in the data storage market. Overall, we had another $2.66 billion of venture dollars invested into the storage market, though this includes the record $900 million received by Cloudera and other money invested in “Big Data” companies (not covered in this map). Disruption of the traditional storage appliance market continued, cloud services grew at a steady pace, and cloud storage is now an accepted business solution. A few key patterns:

Here’s the new 2015 map. Comments are welcome as usual! Storage_market_2015_v3Creative Commons License 2015 Data Storage Market Map by Leo Leung is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Photo by r2hox


Author: Leo Leung

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