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I’m Leo Leung. I’m a lead product manager for the Oracle Cloud Platform. I’ve been a designer, marketer, product manager, and mental health counselor (and often a blend of all of four) at Scality, Oxygen Cloud, EMC, and United Way. I’m fascinated by great products, great experiences, innovative businesses, and the stories behind them. I’ll write about them here, along with general nerddom.

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I’m Andrew Reichman.  I’m an analyst of data center technology with experience at Forrester Research, Amazon Web Services and EMC (via Accenture).  I love to dig into the human aspects of how and why people use technology and use simple language and examples to explain complex scenarios.

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2014-08-10 KP (2)

I’m Kevin Petrie. I’m a senior director and technology evangelist at Attunity, a Burlington, MA-based provider of Big Data integration and automation software. I’ve held strategy, services and marketing leadership roles with EMC and Symantec, with a focus on Big Data, storage and the Cloud. I used to be a financial writer with, analyzing the data networking and telecommunications industries. I’m an outdoor fitness nut, bookworm, husband and father of three boys.

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