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Your Enterprise Tech cheat sheet


As you speculate on who’s buying whom, who’s breaking up, who’s on the rise, and who’s in trouble, consider the Enterprise Technology stack. Hats off to Geoffrey Moore and the EMC M&A team who first taught me to think about the tech landscape in this way.

Technology markets are often controlled by “gorillas” or market leaders in particular parts of the stack. Consider the stranglehold Microsoft had for a long time in computer operating systems (dramatically reduced by Linux), or the continued dominance of Oracle in business databases (gradually being challenged by open source and the Cloud). Showing who has what in a stack orientation allows you to quickly scan gaps in a portfolio (that my need to be filled), alliances that may need to be formed, niche players that are being marginalized, etc.

This is a version 1 and would appreciate input. I had a tough time deciding whether to split Cloud vs. packaged/appliance into its own set of layers or not. I kept them as options within particular layers (e.g. database), but it may be more helpful to split them. In any case, here’s version 1. Let the speculation continue!


Author: Leo Leung

I’ve been a designer, marketer, product manager, and mental health counselor (and often a blend of all of four) at Scality, Oxygen Cloud, EMC, and United Way. I'm currently a Product Manager for the Oracle Cloud Platform. I’m fascinated by great products, great experiences, innovative businesses, and the stories behind them. I’ll write about them at

5 thoughts on “Your Enterprise Tech cheat sheet

  1. I’m wondering why you have included CPU Design & Fab but not memory. Next gen NVM is as strategic as CPU IMHO

  2. Would EMC’s ownership of Pivotal give EMC the nod on middleware? I know, I know, not much market share…

    • Thanks for the comment, Larry! I considered Pivotal, but small market share aside, the very loosely coupled business model gives me pause about including it. It’s very clear how the other players leverage their middleware business. Not so clear with EMC and Pivotal.

  3. Nice stack Leo. Think VMware should be in Network as well via NSX (Nicira)

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